Jo Anne Jareeau

Jo Ann Jarreau’s Story

Jo Ann Jarreau, a native Louisianan, grew up on several research farms where her father served as a farm supervisor for Louisiana State University. She loved going on annual, cross-country driving and camping trips to the mountains with her family. As a young lady interested in travel, she developed a love of America’s National Parks.

Jo Ann worked in the tourist industry in Rocky Mountain National Park for several summers while in college. Later, her interest in natural parks and recreation led her to attain a bachelor’s degree and build a successful, 30-year career as an independent landscape architect. She was a pioneer in incorporating environmentally sensitive, naturally sustainable technologies into built environments. Her signature designs and enduring, beautiful landscapes are evident in residences, parks, and public and private facilities around the Houston, Texas, and Monterey, California areas. Jo Ann markets and arranges tours for Colorado Detours, and serves as a knowledgeable guide for our farm, orchard, and winery tours. She especially loves planning and leading our special, horse-drawn carriage and Girls’ Day Out experiential tours. Jo Ann uses her Southern hospitality to make sure that everyone is well cared-for and having a supreme amount of fun while on tour! A trip with Jo Ann is a memorable one, indeed!