Wineries Orchards & Farms

Experience walking through the vineyard with the wine maker and discuss the farming techniques; like vine pruning, trellis and vine training, talking with the winemaker’s wife and family

Custom Wine Tour brings us through a wine making facility where the wine maker will explain how he/or she makes the wine.

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Girls Day Out experiences (including combinations of wines, chocolate, yoga)

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Pick up you and your girlfriends at three locations;  Paonia, Hotchkiss or Delta

Arrive at local chocolatiers that describe their techniques and uniqueness of taste and why they do what they do;  take photos of you and your girlfriends through the experience

Arrive at a local winery wine making area, warehouse, barrels, taste directly out of the barrel, learn about wine making techniques and their secrets to their wonderful flavors like (oak staves)

Discover the best chocolate pairings with the different kinds of wines, check out the wonderful gifts, jewelry, arts beautiful gardens at each winery

You get to meet the winemakers and their families and how they live on a sustainable organic vineyard and farm

Yogo to the mountains and lakes

We pick up you and your girlfriends from downtown Paonia at the quaint little coffee shop of Paonia Bread works;  fill out the proper paperwork and give you an introduction to the Yoga instructor