Custom Tours and Hikes

Can’t attend one of our regular pre-scheduled tours? We at Colorado Detours are more than happy to work with individuals, groups, companies, senior centers, and other groups to provide intimate, quality tour experiences! Contact us with your ideas and we’ll look into it together.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

What You’ll Do

Colorado Detours does custom tours for small groups. This includes families, reunions, touring groups, professional or civic organizations, geology afficionados, private companies, real estate offices, senior citizens, schools and educational programs, and more! There are so many things to do in this part of Western Colorado…what would YOU like to do? We can also put together custom package tours, including some amazing food and lodging, to go with your Colorado Detours experience. Give us a call and we help help you arrange an ideal experience for your group!

Where We’ll Go

There are many possibilities for a Colorado Detours custom tour. Hiking in the mountains or canyons. Visiting a brass-sculpture foundry. Eating at a farm-to-table restaurant. Looking for fossils of 90-million-year-old sea creatures in the Mancos Shale. Taking a sunset tour. Learning about geological process in great detail by seeing them with your very eyes. Sightseeing along uncrowded highways and byways. Sipping on a tasty, estate-produced wine on a sunny porch, after getting a personal tour of the vineyard. Visiting an awe-inspiring archaeological site. Going on a photo expedition. Catching live music at a local festival. Sitting back and enjoying the scenery from a mesa-top overlook. We can replicate any of our regular tours for your group, or we can come up with something different.

What We’ll Provide

Transportation in a sleek, roomy tour van with panoramic windows, bottled water for on-van consumption, expert commentary and tour guiding. For wine and geology tours, free wine tasting and/or bags for u-pick fruit picking at applicable destinations. Additional arrangements for meals and lodging can be arranged.

What to Bring

Dress for outdoor comfort from the elements! Bring a day pack, rain jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, filled water bottles, a sack lunch (for full-day tours) and snacks. We recommend wearing a long-sleeved shirt and good walking shoes or boots. For geology and wine tours, bring money for buying locally produced wines, u-picked fruit, and specialty food items and products, directly from the farmers. Bring a camera, too!

Tour Start Times

Tour meeting times and itineraries will be worked out with the group that requests a tour. The tours could be based on our regular tour formats, or they could be uniquely crafted.

Who, What, When

and How Much?

Each trip will have its own point of meeting and departure, to be agreed upon beforehand by Colorado Detours and the group leader.

Who can attend

Minimum age is 8. Minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult guardian. See Physical Requirements for the tour to assess whether a child can keep pace with the group.

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements will vary according to the type of custom tour being run. Individual tour descriptions will contain a listing of necessary physical requirements.


We love your pets, but they’re not allowed on our tours.

Restroom Facilities

Restroom facilities are not generally available along the hiking trails and are sometimes available at trailheads. We recommend that you find and use a public restoroom facility before arriving at the tour meet-up location. For custom van sightseeing tours, we strive to work restroom stops into our itinery. The van does not contain a toilet.

Maximum Group Size

Maximum group size is 13 guests.

Registration Cut-off

If possible, please give us two weeks to work with you to plan your event and reserve it on our calendar. Booking must be completed by at least 48 hours before the tour. Shorter-term bookings might be possible for simple custom tours, contingent upon availability of a tour vehicle and a Colorado Detours tour guide.

More Info

Call or email us today to craft your own Colorado Detours experience!

The pricing for custom tours and packages may vary. We can set it up on a per person, per time period, or per group (flat rate) basis. Longer-term agreements can be arranged with local companies, civic or health organizations, and schools.